Does buying a site someone else built count you as a webmaster?

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Just wondering... if your ability with web encoding is at a FrontPage
level, and runs to 'building' nothing more than a collection of single
page static domains, BUT you sell your children and buy a generic, off
the peg, pillz site, well does that qualify you as a webmaster?

Oh, and while I'm asknig, does anyone else think running a string of
sockpuppets while criticising someone else for doing it is a tad
hypocritical? LMAO. Hey Red, I noticed you updated my page last night
- still no link to my one for you though. Hmm, I'm happy that people
can see both sides of a debate, while you only want them to see yours.
Guess that says a lot about your transparency, old chap :o) LOLOL

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