do i need to rebuild my DC to get it ready to act as a DNS server

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our internal domain controller (Windows 2000 with ActiveDirectory) has a
subdomain name (ie we're getting a static IP and
now want to use the machine as a secondary DNS server. somebody has
suggested that i'd want to uninstall and reinstall ActiveDirectory so we
could rename the domain to something more appropriate (i.e.
theDomainName.local), but they weren't very clear about what the problem
with leaving the machine set up as a subdomain was. can anybody tell me if i
do need to rebuild the domain?


Re: do i need to rebuild my DC to get it ready to act as a DNS server

posted something that included:

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This isn't a technical issue; the "somebody" simply has a religious
objection to the "" domain name.

If "somebody" has the juice, you obviously make the switch. You're
going to have a lot of unhappy users, because their bookmarks and
links stop working, and it'll cost a lot of manhours, both yours and
theirs, until you get everything fixed.

If he doesn't, and you just want him to shut up, set up *both* and theDomainName.local, and that way he can
use the domain name that pleases him. Note, however, that he's likely
to find something else to yap about.

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