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I am looing ot outsource my dns service to a company that will let me
have up to 1000 host entries, for example:


Can anybody please recommend a service/company that allows this many?
Most only allow a small number like one hundred.

Please help.


Re: dns service

thomasamillergoogle@yahoo.com wrote:

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I've been using www.dnsmadeasy.com for about two years and they've been
extremely reliable. As far as I am aware there is no limitation in this
respect for subdomains.

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Re: dns service

Hi Tom -

On 22 Nov 2005 21:02:27 -0800, thomasamillergoogle@yahoo.com wrote:

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I use Security Space.  $10/year/domain with the information on seven
name servers in four countries on two continents.

I don't have anything like that number of host entries, but their DNS
page says that they allow "unlimited CNAME and A records".  They also
have "support for wildcard A records" which maybe could reduce the
number of hosts you need to define.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Security Space other than being
a satisfied customer of their name server service and other services.

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Re: dns service

thomasamillergoogle wrote:

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Are these all going to point at the same IP address, or different? If
they're for the same IP address, investigate DNS wildcards.

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Re: dns service

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