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Re: DNS hosting...?

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Sorry. Most people get along fine with whatever the company gives them.

But in case you are interested...

DNS is what tells the net that you exist, and where you are.

If your site is down, DNS kindof says "hey it exists, its just down".

people browsing your site will be able to know that you do exist, just
not reachable.

In that case, most sites will hold email going to you for up to 5 days
and continue trying to send it every half hour.

SOOooooo it IS important that DNS not be on the same machine as the web
site because if the machine goes down then the site AND the dns
disappears. (technically just for new users but not important)

Your service will give you 2 dns numbers (its a rule). Primary dns and a
secndary dns in case the primary is out or too busy.

A good system that is operating by the original internet rules will have
those servers WAY seperated. Different machines, different locations,
different backbone is better. Even different coasts or different
countries. Servers used to trade service by being secondary to each other
in order to get that level of seperation.

New systems are getting real common that if you run a traceroute from you
to those 2 dns servers they will look exactly the same except for the
very last jump. Which means they could just be 2 IPs on one machine. Ive
even seen them be 2 IPs on the same machine as the web pages. At best its
2 different machines but in the same office and same power supplies. Not
real safety stable. (traceroute is a command on linux, on WinXp you can
open a command window and use tracrt, there are also some webpage ones

Gandalf  Parker

Re: DNS hosting...?

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I may be in the market for such a partner (or two,three, etc.) soon.

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William Tasso


Re: DNS hosting...?

Hi -

On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 00:00:21 +0100, SpaceGirl

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I use Security Space: http://www.securityspace.com/dns/index.html

$10/domain/year, with the information on seven name servers
(ns1.securityspace.net through ns7.securityspace.net) scattered across
four countries on two continents.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Security Space other than being
a satisfied customer of their DNS service and some of their other
services as well.

http://www.ke9nr.net /

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