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Re: DNS for emails... aliasing

Fleeing from the madness of the www.TQMcube.com jungle
and said:

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Migrating Microsoft Hotmail from FreeBSD to Microsoft Windows 2000  
Technical Case Study


<q>During June and July of 2000, the Hotmail site was converted from  
FreeBSD running Apache Web services to Windows 2000 Server running  
Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0.</q>

The entire set of articles is a good read (if you like that type of thing).

William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: DNS for emails... aliasing

Kim Andr=E9 Aker=F8 wrote:

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Only because you dont know any better :)

Re: DNS for emails... aliasing

Hi -

On 14 Mar 2006 03:46:40 -0800, "SpaceGirl"

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Pointing the second domain's MX directly to the host name of the mail
server is correct.

The mail server must be configured to handle the second domain in some

There is no way through DNS to readdress mail for the second domain to
the first domain.

http://www.kensims.net /

Re: DNS for emails... aliasing

You're half correct.

The MX for domain2 would work if "blahblah.something" is also a mail
server that accepts incoming mail. You probably want MX to be
"mail.anotherserver.something" which is the same destination for

Now, you need to make sure the mail server -
"mail.anotherserver.something" - accept mail for both domains (aka
local domains). Thus, domain1 and domain2.

Once done, you need to make sure that the mailbox exists for those
domains, thus, spacegirl@domain1 -> spacegirl_mailbox
spacegirl@domain2 -> spacegirl_mailbox

I'm not familiar w/ CommuniGate mail server. If you are using Sendmail,
Postfix, or Qmail, I can tell you which files to edit.

So, point the MX of domain2 back to the mail server of the first one.
Add domain2 as a local domain on the mail server and tell the mail
server in which mailbox should the mail be sent for spacegirl@domain2
(for example).

Hope that didn't confiuse you even more.

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