Dixiesys mail problems?

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I am the second person who seems to be having problems with the new
mail servers Dixie installed after a big server move 2 weeks ago.
Dixie has been a good, reliable host for 3 years for me, but it has
been 2 weeks since the switch and my mail is pretty much hosed, and all
I did was change where to point my mail settings.
I have sent 2 mails and a trouble ticket to Gary, but no replies as of

I am looking for anyone else who can help debug if you are also
experiencing similar IMAP issues such as
I can no longer permantly delete ANY mail and every time I relog in it
re-pulls ALL mail and marks it all as unread. I read mail, delete it,
empty the trash, log out, start a new session - ALL my mail reappears,
and is now clogging my mail.I have tried 3 different IMAP mail clients.

I am Running IMAP everywhere and have been though all my settings with
an IT friend.
AND as all my deleted and trashed mail keeps reappearing - i got a
message just now that i no longer can open mail as my Inbox is full, so
now it appears I am now shut down other than viewing headers and
sending mail. (both client side and via the webmail interface).



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