Disclaimer, accepted to resel my email?

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I take a look at some sites today and i was wondering how the rules
are. So i decided to check some disclaimers and other information
where i saw the follow lines in this website:

"=B7 Leden gegevens en profielen
Leden dienen ten alle tijden de juiste informatie in te vullen op de
formulieren die ingevuld dienen te worden tijdens hun aanmelding op de

Er is eens kans dat email adressen verkocht worden aan derden.

Saven.nl heeft de rechten om op elk gewenst moment welk profiel dan
ook te wijzigen in de tot hun juist geachte wijziging."


But, is it accepted by the law to sell my e-mail adres to other
companys, thats what it says. I got a account over there but don't
like the rule that they can resell my email adres. So, what can i do
about it?

Re: Disclaimer, accepted to resel my email?

On 11 Jun, 10:20, r...@dualdevelopment.com wrote:

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Don't do business with them.

Tell them why you're not going to do business with them.

IMHE, the Dutch are the absolute pits for this. Strong EU laws about
data privacy mean that it's a significant offence to re-sell names
without permission. In some EU countries, this means that names don't
get re-sold. In the Netherlands though, the response is to be more
blatant about it: to re-sell the names anyway, and to meet the legal
constraints by this sort of pro-forma agreement. Few customers object
enough to avoid such vendors, so the vendors get away with it and the
purpose of the law is defeated.

I'd also like to see Dutch ISPs and IT vendors in general be a bit
more careful about hosting known phraudsters, rather than shrugging
off complaints behind a "free market" excuse.

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