disappearing files on server

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I run a blog, www.dcblogs., and use godaddy as my hosting provider. I'm
no expert on hosting issues. Use Blogger, which uploads files to
hosting provider. But I'm having one heck of problem.

Today,  site goes offline -- blank white page -- and so I call
provider. While waiting for customer service, I visit blogger which
shows my pages so I republish my latest post. Blog returns everything
looks ok.

But when I look at the godaddy account, the megabyte usage is reading
zero and it indicates zero storage as well. Odd, i thought. I then open
ftp client and it shows all the files and photos. A few hours pass, and
friends calls says she can't access site, it's showing "website coming
soon" message.

Republish latest file and it appears, but when I look at ftp it shows
all the photos are gone. All of them. (Now, there are some photos
showing -- about three weeks ago, I started putting uploading photos
into a dormant yahoo hosting account and I just link back). All the old
photos were gone and all the older pages, from September on back, were
inaccessible. Showed error messages. When I republished from blogger
they started returning, but without any art.

So I'm at a loss. Customer service can't provide answers; they just
send problem over to technical staff. I just backed up index file, but
restoring the photos and arts will be a monster and difficult to
accomplish task. Changed account password in the event of a hack, but
why would someone just delete the photo files ... Anyway, I'm sick over
it. So much time and heartache went into this and now I feel....

Any advice, thoughts, appreciated.

Re: disappearing files on server

Quoted text here. Click to load it
MovableType behaves this way and begins to zap the flatfile database
(resulting in corruption, or at worst, obliteration of the blog) when you
reach your maximum allowed server space.

Could that be what happened?


Re: disappearing files on server

No, I had tons of space on - had upgraded account to handle that it.
Thanks for thinking about this. Regards

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