disable upstream file directory browsing

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We have several clients that access a specific folder that is based on
their login. The problem is that all of these folders are inside of
one large 'customer' folder. We want to make it so that once they
select the link to take them to their specific folder, they cannot go
back upstream to the main 'customer' folder. I was told that
mod_rewrite can accomplish this, but I cannot find any examples that
show what I'm looking for. Are there other options out there for me?

Re: disable upstream file directory browsing

On May 22, 2:36 pm, ddi...@lanscapes.com wrote:
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That's not possible.  Anything you might contrive using referrers,
cookies, or the like, can easily be disabled by the user if they're
using a sensibly configurable browser.  Anyway, why should there be a
difference in ability to access a certain URL depending on whether or
not they've been to a subdirectory of it before?  You're out to
protect certain content from your active users, but not random


Re: disable upstream file directory browsing

mod_rewrite can accomplish this by hiding the name of the main
the url can be http://mysite.com/~jonsfolder
and mod_rewrite can server the files from apacheroot/stuff/customer/
jonsfolder *without* changing what's in the browser address bar.

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