DirectNIC allows spammer to host sites

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In the last two weeks I have been getting a lot of spam emails
containing URLs that are hosted on the DirectNIC servers.  Every one of
these domains belong to the same account holder at DirectNIC.  Being an
account holder at DirectNIC, myself, I have entered trouble tickets for
each one.

Tiring of that, I have asked DirectNIC to simply terminate the spammers
account.  Their response is that they will not revoke his account, and
that I must keep reporting the domains one at a time.

I find this totally unacceptable and wonder why they care to associate
with a known spammer and email harvester (every URL has a unique 7 digit
subdomain to identify the email address it was sent to).  They say their
TOS only allow them to revoke a single domain and not revoke the
offender's account.

Is this reasonable?  It seems to me that they simply like the income of
someone who buys lots of domain names - regardless.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO

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