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The person who setup my website left town with no contact information.
He setup my website, registered domain, etc.
I need to get access to the files so my new developer can do some
How do I find out where the website is hosted?
Can I use a utility like whois or similar to find this out?

Re: Determine website host

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Yup, whois will probably get you your answer

Re: Determine website host

J wrote:
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If whois doesn't give you enough information, get your ip address, then
find out who owns that ip.  It may be registered to a server farm and
the server leased from them, but it at least gives you a place to start.

If you can't find it, try posting the domain name here and we can see if
we can help.

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Re: Determine website host

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Your new developer should already know how to find out this information.  
If not, find a new developer.

In answer to your question, start by running a whois.  You should be
able to find out who is the registrar.  You also may be able to
determine the host by the server names.

Re: Determine website host,

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Yes. Run a whois and note the nameserver settings.

Then run a whois or a Google search on "" to figure out
who it belongs to.


Re: Determine website host

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If the website guy set up everything in his name...guess who owns it?   Not
you, unfortunately.   I doubt the host is going to give you access to your
website guy's files, just because you claim to be the rightful owner without
any proof.  It could be a huge liability for the host if he hands over
"your" website to you, without their customer's permission.

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