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Re: Designed properly?

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Why not consider reviews and comparisons of said items? People may
visit to ready the review, compare objects, and then might select one
to buy.


Re: Designed properly?

On Dec 4, 2:15 am, (Secret Agent X) wrote:
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If you have good writing skills, these can work great. Don't expect
your visitors to write reviews, though, you have to write them
yourself. And try to be honest, instead of giving everything a glowing

Alex - Video Game Price Comparison Engine

Re: Designed properly?

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Your site doesn't give the professional impression it ought to given
that the products it's supposed to be advertising are expensive items;
to be blunt, your site looks cheap.  The underlying code needs
overhauling anyway, but you also should abandon "MS Serif" as a font
preference: it looks horrible, and does not cope at all well if the
text is resized by the user.

You should also split your "Collectibles" page into separate pages for
(1) animation art, (2) watches and accessories, (3) clocks, and (4)
furniture.  At present only someone scrolling all the way down is even
going to see the dining tables!  Visitors shouldn't have to guess what
your site has to offer, and they won't spend any time trying to find

Finally, you should lose the more random of the links at the foot of
the page, and perhaps ought to move the others to a sidebar labelled
something like "Other sites of interest".


Re: Designed properly?

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Don't you all get it, what fasisi is trying to do is drive hits to
these URLs he/she's pasting and make everyone click on the URL for

No thanks.

Re: Designed properly?

Lawk Salih wrote:
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And what proof do you have of that?

So far it looks like he's a typical newbie webmaster trying to get his
feet wet. He is making the same mistakes most of us made when we started
out.  And he's willing to listen to what we're saying, instead of
arguing with everyone.

As long as he seems open to comments and is willing to act on them, I'm
quite willing to give him a hand.  I think most of the people here are
(not including the trolls, of course).

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