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this is an RFC for PMBOK.

1. Interface design:
1.1 Many texts deal with effective UI design. RTFM.
1.2. Visual Design.
1.2.1. Semantic structure (please ignore).
1.2.2. Argue about colors.
1.2.3. Prematurely move to screen shots. Double pre-production budget.
1.2.4. Consultant adds 5 hours to project billables explaining what the heck
this software does to designer, and how it fits into project scope, which
now includes wild-eyed designer, no doubt just awoken from an acid trip.
1.2.5. try to boil down screen shots for production already in progress
offshore. designer on acid makes unmistakable contributions. Weird how they
do that. Publish updated project notes that nobody reads.
1.2.6. since this one iteration only took a week, and since it never got
shipped to cheap offshore development, call this a success in terms of
development cycle time-line (which it is). or call at 3:00 AM when
production is on lunch break.
1.2.7. take time to wonder why you take care of crap like this for $45 per
hour while your client representatives are pulling $160K USD.
1.2.8. be thankful that you get to see things in this world and people seem
to find what you do billable.
1.2.9. get back to work because there are at least two college educations to
work for in this house and "an early grave" has not sold as a retirement
package to the missus.
1.2.10. DO NOT under any circumstances neglect to take out the trash. this
is a fatal_exception.

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