Defining starting location of iframe

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Does anyone know how I could define the starting location on a webpage
for my iframe?

for example:
do not want to see the normal website, but about 100px down and 100px
to the right

so instead of this:
|     Full Size of the actual webpage

its more like this

|   Full Size of the actual webpage
|             --------------------------------------
|             |
|             |    New Iframe starting location
|             |


Re: Defining starting location of iframe

I think I may have worded that wrong after reading it again,

I would like a website to load within an iframe on my website
I do not want the website to load the 'whole page' but rather just a
small section
which will be displayed in my iframe

for instance:
If i wanted to iframe JUST the google logo and the search bar in an
iframe it would need a starting location right above the graphic google
to the left top.

Ive herd of a command screenx and screeny not sure if that works, or
how to use it properly.

Thanks again,

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