Dedicated servers and VMware

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I rent a dedicated server: MyDedicatedServer.
The company offers me:
- O/S: CentOS Linux
- 5 IP
- Associate with the server
- Setting up DNS Names for MyDedicatedServer

So, MyDedicatedServer can access Internet and can be visited.

However, I will install VMware on MyDedicatedServer.
Then host O/S will be CentOS Linux.
On VMware, I will install Windows Server 2003 guest O/S.

My question:
On my guest O/S (Windows Server 2003), in order to access Internet and
be visited, should I buy:
- Other public IPs
- Other DNS Names
- and server installed on guest O/S then should have other name:

Is it correct?

Re: Dedicated servers and VMware

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THis question is not answerable unless you indicate what services
you're trying to accomplish.  

Technically you don't need to buy anything.  VMware's virtual
networking configuration is really all you'd need.  If you used NAT
networking in vmware, and port forward from the host OS to guest for
the services you need, then you don't even need another IP.   If you
want to run bridged and make the win2k server look like a completely
separate host on the internet, you'll need another public IP.    

WHether you associate that IP with a subdomain of  or a
completely separate  is then entirely up to

Yes, server installed on guest OS should use separate hostname if for
no other reason than to not confuse yourself.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Dedicated servers and VMware

Big George wrote:

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You don't need to, but you can if you like. You could use a subdomain of
your original domain name. Or you could just access it by IP address.

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Depends -- do you have any of those original 5 IP addresses left over? If
so, use "ifconfig" on your host Linux to tell Linux *not* to bind to one
of the IP addresses; then set up VMWare to use bridged networking, and
give the guest OS the IP address which the host OS is no longer using.

How much RAM do you have on the server? I'd recommend 2GB+ for such an
endevour. Then give the guest OS, say, 512 MB to play with, then in VMWare
Preferences (Edit=>Preferences) go to the "Memory" tab and reserve
that same amount for VMWare and tell VMWare not to use Swap. If you do
anything less than that, you could end up with both machines running very

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: Dedicated servers and VMware

Thanks to both of you !

Toby, I'm from Peru and lived 2 years in UK. Great time !

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