Dedicated Hosting and Firewalls ?

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I have a dedicted server with godaddy, however it comes without
firewalls :-(.  I have used sygate before but its not well supported on
Windows Server 2003 and now that symantic has bought it out the lack of
developments worries me for a firewall product.

So I am looking for a new solution.  I could use ICS / Firewall under
Windows2003 server however do not really think this offers the level of
features I need.

The other main issue is that I do not have "hands on" to the server, so
any firewall needs to be FTP up and installed over RDC.  The issue is
the second its turned on it will lock me out of my RDC! ... people must
have got around this ? Any advice ?


Re: Dedicated Hosting and Firewalls ?

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yes - get a dedicated server from a company that "has a clue" (tm) -  
seriously, if you want your own firewall then you need your own hardware -  
there is a splendid compromise available from snapgear (CyberGuard): /

SG630/SG635 are PCI cards that replace your NIC.

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Re: Dedicated Hosting and Firewalls ?


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Ask the server management team to install a firewall.

Not as flippant as you may think, we rent a dedicated server in a
datacenter, the company we rent from provides customer service of this


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Re: Dedicated Hosting and Firewalls ?

Thank you for your advice.

However for60 a month - godaddy servers are very good value
formoney. Windows2003Server, P4-3.0HT, 1gb ram and 160gb with 500gb
traffic!  They will not allow any hardware changes or have not been
helpful with getting this setup so far- they just say they don;t
support this.

However, after LOTS of looking I found a solution.  You
can remote install - designed for servers far its been great!

Re: Dedicated Hosting and Firewalls ?

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We go with a US host, Sago Networks. Superb company. Their network is
firewalled. I also run the standard Windows 2003 software firewall too
just in case something rogue happens on their LAN.

My main box: Windows 2003, 3.2Ghz P4-HT, 1Gb RAM, 340Gb disk (2 x 160),
100mbit dedicated connection the the US backbone, 2Tb (2000Gb) traffic
per month, 2 fixed dedicated IP addresses... $180 per month (around 110).


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