data box input message scrip required

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I have a page where customers select items to order. If they select a
certain item, then further info is required to be input by way of text on a
box lower down the page. I want a pop up message to pop up when they select
the item. I can do it with a message which pops up generally in the process
but how can I would like a solution to have a clear message to pop up and
adhere itself to the box lower down the page where the customer must input
this data.So he or she knows exactly where to get typing.
Pls help someone who knows a script or something to do this.

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Re: data box input message scrip required

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This sounds more like a usability issue than a technical problem.


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Re: data box input message scrip required

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This should be fairly easy with a combination of Javascript and CSS.
What you need is a <div id="whatever"></div> next to the second input
box which is initially empty, but then if a customer makes a certain
selection on the earlier form element that triggers a javascript
document.write onto the area defined in the <div>.

I'm not aware of any predefined scripts to do this, but Google Is Your

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