dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

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I have a blog that has a name that is cryptic and does not contain keywords.
So I registered for two new in names.
1. www.keyword1keyword2keyword3.com not the real name:)


2. www.keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.com

Any ideas on which is better SEO wise? \

Re: dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

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But search engines don't pay bills. Real visitors do. Be wary that you
do not lose site of the timber for staring at the trees.


Re: dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

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I know someone who used dashes but then came unstuck because strictly dashes
turned out not to be valid as part of a domain name (fine in a file name,
but not a domain name). That's how it was reported to me, but I don't have
the relevant RFQs to hand to confirm it or remember what the specific issues
were (although I think it was only a problem for some visitors).

I've not come across any discussions over keywords in the domain name. I
know from experience that google does pay attention to the path, but I don't
know whether any search engines pay attention to the domain name.

Personally I'd go for a domain name that people find easy to remember and
which won't easily be misquoted when passed by word of mouth. This would
rule out your approach of hyphens, so if your keywords make sense (big
question in itself) I'd go for the first option.
Brian Cryer

Re: dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

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If the words don't appear in the site content, every search engine
should "optimize" you near the bottom of the list.  If the words *do*
appear on the site itself, no search engine worth using should care how
they also appear in the URL.  In short, save your efforts for what is on
the site, not SEO voodoo regarding domain registration.

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Re: dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

Brian J Dawson wrote:
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   There's a buttload of info that google turns up.


  There is some evidence that people have a hard time with
typing/remembering dashes, but that isn't a SEO problem.

If you were to sell or buy a domain name, the dashed version is worth
much less.


Re: dash "-" in site name ok 4 SEO?

multiposting is not ok.

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