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Hi all,

On my web site, I would like to create an area that allows customers to
log in and see files that are specific to them (that they can
download), list of latest reports etc etc etc.  I can build the content
dynamically (reports, issues etc), but I need a pointer in terms of:

1) A product or technique which allows customer login with user id and
2) A way of holding different content for the user, which is protected
from other customers

Any advice would really be appreciated.

Re: Customer area


I just started a wiki, which allows just that sort of thing.  (I'm
using MoinMoin wiki, from, but I suspect just
about every wiki engine would work.)  You can define pages, for
instance, which are only accessible by certain people, or certain
groups of people.  And every page can have "attachments" (files), which
are only visible from that page.

It works for me, anyway.


Walter Gildersleeve
Freiburg, Germany


Re: Customer area

JaffaB wrote:

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Apache Basic Auth?

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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