Cursor disappearing in Firefox

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I've found a couple of references to this online, but nobody's come up
with a solution.  So I thought I'd ask the wise people here :-)

Sometimes in Firefox, the blinking textual input cursor does not show up
in form inputs.  They work completely, you can type anything you want,
but there's no cursor, so like a guessing game figuring out where your
text is going to appear once you start typing.

This seems to come and go, and fix itself with a few refreshes.  I can't
pin it down long enough to figure out if it's my code or Firefox causing
the problem.  But, my users are complaining and I SERIOUSLY do not want
to have to switch back to IE :-)

We use Firefox  Mouse cursor acts fine.

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions.

Re: Cursor disappearing in Firefox

HC wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sounds like a video driver problem with your computer. Try installing a
newer driver.

Re: Cursor disappearing in Firefox

This is a know Firefox bug, in Bugzilla for over 2 years I think.
Something about the part of the code that renders the page is separate
from the part that renders the cursor.

No known fix for the random disappearance but... be sure to never have
a block element with overflow set that is behind the cursor or it won't

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