Current site getting a few hits. Have new version. Want to replace old version.

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HELP! I probably did this all backward and everything. (And I'm sure
there are those of you out there who will tell me so!) ;-)

My current website ( seems to be
currently fairly regularly crawled by some of the larger search

I have spent free time in the last couple of months converting my site
to a slightly new look, splitting it into sections (logically... SHOULD
have used directories, but didn't), and (no flames... I strip out 99.9%
of all the crap it puts in, and think I do a pretty good job of it) I
use FrontPage to develop and post my site. The new version (put there
to test a few things I couldn't on my own computer) is at

I have found that some of these pages have been indexed in the search
engines, but the main site is getting most of the hits (as it should),
and again, I want to replace the old version at the with the new
version. The names of the PAGES are different, but many of the folders
use the same names, and it would be extremely "messy" to try to "clean
out" the old folders after the new stuff has been installed. (Make

I have a handy 404 page, which links to a duplicate of the old site map
linked to the new versions of the pages, and the new sitemap, giving
people different ways to access the new pages. I know that you can do a
301 redirect, or even a (an ugly way to do it) Meta Refresh in the old
pages to the new pages. HOWEVER, I'veheard that the search engines will
penalize you for for doing the latter.

I use GoDaddy, so, far as I know, don't have access to any htaccess

Is there a way to make the search engines permanently replace a link
(do a 301 redirect ... say, in the page itself?) ... re-cache the pages
(updated/new content), and not lose too much in the way of hits from
them? It DOES seem that at least a couple of them crawled the OFP2
directory fairly quickly, but...

I also use a Google Sitemap, but fear if I replace the pages that were
there, rather than simply adding the new ones to it (there are more new
ones, as I've split some of the pages up, logically, of course...) they
will take everything out, and it will be a few months before I start
getting hits again (and people start seeing the type of Scams, Shams
(Infomercial Info) and Flim-Flams (Rumors, Urban Legends, etc.)
reseerch I do, and can get the info they are looking for. (This seems
to be the hardest "hit" section of my current site.)

Suggestions? Thanks for your help.(Sorry for the "longish" post)

BS (BTW: those are my initials, they don't mean "bull-..."! ;-) )

Re: Current site getting a few hits. Have new version. Want to replace old version.

You can use a php 301 redirect.... if php is available.

Simply replace the old files with...

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: ");

As far as I'm aware, this is one of the more SEO friendly methods.

If you're not sure if php is available, give me a holler.


------------------------------------------------------------------- - Just one idea...

Re: Current site getting a few hits. Have new version. Want to replace old version.

GreatDomainz wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Don, Thanks for the response.

The problem is that most of the pages I need to redirect are written in
HTML, with extensions HTM (caps for emphasis(sp?).) I did a test,
naming a page testfw.htm and included the above in it, sending it to
one of my test (for formatting) pages. It didn't go anywhere. However,
when I named the file testfw.php, it did go, and didn't save the .php
"page" in the history/cache (good!) Knowing I cannot rename all the
pages to PHP (defeating the purpose for which I am searching out the
answer for), I believe I will have to deal with the .htaccss file.

I don't really want to sound dense, but, while I understand most CSS
and HTML, I know VERY little about what I call the "network side" of

I repeat that I use FrontPage for publishing and GoDaddy is where my
site is hosted.

If you cannot help with the following, I understand... I'll work it
out, somehow!

I know that the .htaccess file must exist in my "root" directory. I
have found (in GoDaddy's help) the "full server path" to my hosting
account. From GoDaddy Help, it is: "/home/content/u/s/e/username/html"
(Replace "u," "s," and "e" with the first three letters of your hosting
login, and "username" with your full hosting login. This is not your
customer account login, but rather, the login you use to FTP files to
your site.)

When I ran a small php script (from them) to view the path (basically
<? echo __file__; ?>, it showed the test filename and a "path" looking
like the above. Well, I created that file in It appears to point to the same place as
where FP will publish the pages. Is this true? If so, why do I need the
server path? Isn't the "root" directory /?

If I have one, wouldn't the .htaccess file show up with my normal pages
when I open the site in My Network Place and/or with FP and could I
create one on my computer, then publish it as a "normal" file/page?

If not, what is the command to find out if I already have a .htaccess
file? I assume all I would have to do is open the "root" directory in
Network Places and move it over to it, right?

And I assume I can use the information from (looks pretty
straightforward, from there... put one line for all the "old" pages as

redirect 301 /old/old.htm

The old stuff is mostly htm redirected to shtml. (These work fine -, for example).

Anything else I need to "worry" about?

Sorry, again, this is so long. Maybe the long, drawn-out description
will help someone else. (I hope.)

Thanks again for your prior response. Hope you can answer these, so I
don't have to use so much "trial-and-error".

And, Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

BigDaddyBS (Bill)

PS: I apologize for using Google Groups to post here. It's been a LONG
time since I used NGs directly. Please forgive the indiscretion!

Re: Current site getting a few hits. Have new version. Want to replace old version.

bigdaddybs wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Don (et al)
I've figured out how to use .htaccess to provide the 301 redirects, as
above... GoDaddy provides a way to FTP it, and it exists, though
doesn't display, in my web in FP. I'd still like to know the answers to
others of the questions, above, though.

BigDaddyBS (Bill)

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