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I've got a main php page called index.php.

Depending on what comes after ?content= in the url index.php?content=,
it uses include() to include a page.  On each individual content page,
I've got some CSS includes.

I also have a css include on index.php for the menu, default content
formatting, etc.

But my problem comes from the content pages CSS.  It seems as though
the CSS for index.php is overriding the CSS for the content page...

Should it be?  Can I fix it?


Re: CSS Problems

Nevermind, I've just realized I'm a complete idiot and my problems were
stemming from a different unrelated place.

But still, which has precidence?

Re: CSS Problems

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AFAIK, if several external CSS files are linked in and they have conflicting
styling, the last one linked has precedence.

These can all be over-ridden by styling in the header, and these in turn are
over-ridden by any in-line styling...

Not sure how deprecated styling tags compete with CSS (eg FONT tags etc)


Re: CSS Problems

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