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Hi guys and Gals,

I've got a problem with a CSS menu I'm dealing with. The URL is
www.paulwatt.info/test/ .

I've created a UL list and Styled it with CSS. The problem is that it kinda
looks ok in IE and kinda good in FF. I like the way each item is on a single
line in FF but the background image is  too narrow and the each list items
top border extends too much.
It looks ok in IE but theres loads of white space around each item.




Re: CSS menu list prob

Paul Watt wrote:
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I'd guess its the display:block on the "a" which is causing IE to put a
line-space between the "a" and the next "li". Try display:block on the
li as well, or removing it from the "a" (width:100% might give the same

FWIW, if you're going to use styled lists for navigation, why not go the
whole hog and use css for layout instead of the table? Semantics!




Re: CSS menu list prob

Suddenly, without warning, Paul Watt exclaimed (20-Oct-05 7:18 PM):
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Try adding width:100% to the classes/ids that use display:block.  I seem
to remember reading that this is necessary for IE to render it properly.

If it helps, the little nav on the right at http://jodi.ws seems to be
similar to yours, though I'm sure my css could be cleaned up a lot!


Re: CSS menu list prob

I have just finished a tutorial on this very subject over at
http://webmastercave.com/index.php come take a look see if it helps.
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