css layout help, please

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I am having a bit of a problem with the layout of my forms page. I put
a test page here http://www.clubwager.net/test.htm

The problem is with ie 6. When I view this page full screen in firefox
1.5 it looks fine and if I resize down to about 800 px wide, it starts
to cut off the right hand side. That's okay, it's what I prefer - I
like it to compress without moving elements below each other and then
cutoff the right as it resizes smaller.

However, in ie 6 it looks okay in full screen, but when I resize to
about 800 px wide, the entire form jumps way down to the bottom of the
my left side navigation menu.

Can anyone tell me how to stop that behavior and make it act the way
it does in firefox?

 I want the main content area to remain fluid if possible, but even
when I changed it to a set width it still jumps down.

Thanks for any help.


Dave Dale

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