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I have two very similar versions of a CSS layout with a page footer.
The intent is to have the  footer persist at the bottom of the page. if
there isn't much content, it still stays at bottom. If there is a lot of
content, it expands accordingly.

Username: devguest
Password: letmein

Version 1: http://dev.karlcore.com/experimental/CSS/2colwithfooter.php
Version 1, with content:
http://dev.karlcore.com/experimental/CSS/2colwithfooter.php ?

    -    Without Content:
           - -    IE pushes the footer down somewhere close to 150px below
the viewable area

           - -        In Firefox, WinXP, Firefox does not put the footer at the

    - With Content:
           - -         IE still pushes the footer down needlessly
           - -      Firefox does exactly what I want, apart from the  nav
items overlapping into the content div, but that's not a problem to fix.

Version 2: http://dev.karlcore.com/experimental/CSS/2colwithfooter2.php
Version 2, with content:
http://dev.karlcore.com/experimental/CSS/2colwithfooter2.php ?

    -    Without Content:
           - -    Both IE and Firefox place the footer where I want it, but
neither of them expand the white color of the #content DIV, meaning the
#content DIV isn't getting the right height. Setting height: 100% on this
really buggers the page.

    - With Content:
           - -         Not surprisingly, they both do what I want once there's
content in there.

Any ideas? I'm guessing that Version2 is the one to stick with if I can fix
the height of the #content div. My problem, I guess, is that Version2 seems
really fragile. For instance, adding padding to the #footer div will break
the page.

Karl Groves

Re: CSS 2 column with footer

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would be a good start

William Tasso


Re: CSS 2 column with footer

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Karl Groves

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