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Hey guys,

I was wondering, if you are using any CS4 bundles like Production
Premium/Desgin Premium etc. or are you using Individual products. And
I was also wondering, if buying these bundles are better or buying
individual products in CS4 makes sense.

I am CS3 user, so would you recommend an upgrade to any CS4 Product?
Do you think, if I wait, I may get CS4 cheaper?  And any ideas on when
CS5 will come?  Thanks for your help!!

- David

Re: CS4 Bundles

David wrote:
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I wouldn't waste my money on such products.  A good web designer can do
just fine without them.

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Re: CS4 Bundles


Prices will always drop over time, especially as new versions are released.
Compare the features of the new and the old version to see whether you
really need the enhancements.

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Re: CS4 Bundles

On 03/02/09 01:00 pm, David wrote:
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  It depends.
  Do you make extensive use of all or most of the apps in the bundle? If
not, it's a waste of money.

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  Unless there is a compelling feature in the new version that makes your
life so much easier, wait another version or two.
  CS5: Real Soon Now (tm).

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Re: CS4 Bundles

"David" wrote...
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Staying one suite behind the current market will always get you the package
for half the price with every bug ironed out.


Re: CS4 Bundles

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Rather like MS Windows!  I use XP Home sp3 and enjoy being free of Vista

Re: CS4 Bundles

MoiInAust wrote:
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I've used linux for 5 years and am truly free of MS woes!

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