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Re: Cruel joke?

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FWIW - I only see your messages through replies for the same reason, and I do
regard you as a valuable participant of this
newsgroup.  I know, my loss - which it is - but I miss a lot of the 'spammen und

A lot of ISPs run NNTP servers for their customers.  You should inquire of them.

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Re: Cruel joke?

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Those *are* interesting statistics, but, notice the agricultural exports much
of that is going out in raw form.

The US ships iron ore in raw form to some other nation where it is fabricated
into cars and sold back to us. The Waltons and Cargils make lots of $$, the rest,
don't. I'm waiting for the day when corn is shipped oversea, converted to alcohol
and sold back to us for our cars...

Isn't just the president being a moron either, though that has a lot to do with
it. The unions (in my opinion) really dropped the ball in the early 90's Rather
than realizing this was going to happen regardless of anything they did, they
tried to fight it. They should have worked with it, exporting unions along with
all that labor would have gone a long way toward raising the standard of living
world wide. We'd have to pay more than $30.00 for a DVD player, but I think
it's work it if the people making them have a bed to sleep on.

By the way, I'm not just complaining, I do actively take steps whenever and
wherever I can to correct these problems. Investing in alternative energy,
purchasing only used goods whenever possible to save jobs, etc..

Sorry I brought this whole thing up, doesn't really belong here.

I know people do actively seek out labor in India because it says so right in
some of the postings, but then, I suppose I'm repressing posts asking
specifically for US/Australia/Wherever

Part of the reason I don't often bid on freelance boards is due to the
messaging system, it's hard to know what you're getting yourself into until
you've spoken with the person. I've had some good luck with a job for a fellow
in .au, good luck in that he was a very pleasant person to work with, bad
luck in that it was hard to understand exactly what he wanted through the
messaging system. I ended up doing 20 hours of work when he only wanted a
simple package that I'd actually already written.

Thats just my style though, I need to be able to discuss, ask questions and
get a general feel for what a person has in mind. Freelance places aren't
real good for me in this area. (They are good if you want summaries of
what others are up to though)

You're right. I should get back to work. :-)

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Re: Cruel joke?


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"We're"?  Speak for yourself.

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Re: Cruel joke?

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 05:21:34 GMT, wrote:

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My suggestion is to stop whining and get to work. If the guy in India
is offering better value, then he should get the job. You have to find
a way to offer better value. I have awarded 6-8 contracts thru On everyone, I have had low-ball bids from India, Russia,
and elsewhere. I checked them out, along with all the rest, and
awarded the job to someone in the US every single time. I had to pay a
little more, but I got someone I could talk to in English and in more
or less my own time zone and I felt that if I had a problem, I would
have the US justice system behind me. I'm not saying that I wouldn't
hire someone in India, but they would have to do more than just offer
to do the job for $25. If you are offering quality at a competitive
price, you will get work. If not, your whining won't matter anyway.

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Re: Cruel joke?

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If only life were that simple - but I do know what you mean.

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