Critique on slightly different pages?

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I'm trying something a little different on my website, .

I've just posted the newest batch of pictures (from the homepage, go to
Australia), and added named anchors to the first image of the different
sights along the two-day trip.  I then added links to them on the
"index" page ( ) as well as to each individual
page (East MacDonnell Ranges Sep 06 are the only pages that have this
new method).

Does this seem to be an enhancement to you, or unnecessary?  Why?

Also, which navigation on works the best for you, the
top set that are by date, or the lower "beta" bit that sorts by location
then date?  Why? Or can you suggest a different way of
sorting/displaying these links?

Essentially, I'm exploring ways to improve navigation on the site, both
for family and friends who will look by date, and the random visitor,
who might be looking for tourist information, or info/images about a
particular site.  Or someone else, looking for - well, what?

Thanks for any comments.  Comments on the overall look/feel/style/etc of
the site of course always welcome!


Re: Critique on slightly different pages?

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I like the "beta" part best because, not knowing you personally, I
prefer to see it sorted by location.  I also thought it was cool to see
the locations in the different years you went.  I can't explain it -
the pictures seem to have more meaning sorted by location.

PS: you should dump 90% of the site and delete any pictures without
Meep.  Meep rocks!  I want to bring him home.

Re: Critique on slightly different pages?

Suddenly, without warning, Amber exclaimed (07-Sep-06 3:55 AM):

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Well, Meep's a "her" but appreciates that she now has a fan club :)


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