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I think I posted to this group earlier.

I run a small website that is having trouble with Comcast. Trying to
find the problem I submitted the website to : Cricket Liu's DNS
Advisor  at .

Has anyone used this site. Can you   give me the skinny on it. Can I
trust the results?

Here is the  report the site sent back.

Re: Cricket Liu's DNS Advisor

On Wed, 05 Dec 2007 17:47:57 -0800, Dave Kelly wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Ignoring the really technical issues, there are some valid points here.
Specifically, you should have SPF records. This will prevent people from
faking mail from your domain (mostly).

Both name servers should not be on the same network. You may remember a
few years ago, all of Microsoft's web properties were offline for about 3
days. That was because they had a router failure on the network all their
name servers were behind. Then, the general community noticed that all of
their name servers were on one network, and DOS'd that network. You see,
MS tools make it easy to do DNS, so MS admins never read Cricket's book
and learn why you have name servers on two different networks.

Finally, you should have a fallback MX record, again on a different
network. If your primary MX is down, and someone tries to send you
something, it would just bounce.

George Sexton
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