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Is there a credit card processor, with which you can receive credit card
payments which does not require customers to sign up and which does not
charge a fixed annual fee?

Paypal unfortunately requires people to sign up in most countries and
sometimes, understandably, people do not want to sign up with Paypal
just to do a payment. And if possible I would like to avoid a fixed
annual fee.

By the way, it should be possible to receive payments from as many
countries as possible.

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Re: Credit card processor

Alfred Molon wrote:
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I would expect ANY credit card processor (PayPal is not, first and
foremost, a credit card processor, though it can be used that way) to
accept cards without requiring the user to sign up. I use
as a gateway, and they do not require users to sign up.

As for the fee, any gateway will collect a monthly gateway fee.

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That depends on what level of security you need.

As a security measure, to verify that the person who entered the card
number is the owner of the card, a gateway will ask for the card owner's
address. This is then matched with the actual address of the card owner
that the bank has on file. Many banks in many foreign (foreign = non-USA
in my case) countries will not return this information, and the card
will be rejected.

You can lower the security settings so that this check is not made, but
then you increase the risk of credit card fraud against you.

Re: Credit card processor

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That's important. If you haven't accepted international credit cards before,
you would be surprised at the amount of fraud it can generate. Consider just
doing in-country credit cards until you can be sure your fraud prevention is
fully adequate.

Re: Credit card processor says...
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I have been using for 5 or 6 years, no sign up required
and I've never had any problems.  There are fees involved, but they're

As for the address verification, it should always be mandatory (along
with the security code on the back of the card).  Remember, if it's a
fraudulant charge, you're the one that's out the product, service and

Re: Credit card processor

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I use


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