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One of my clients is wanting to create short videos (30 seconds to a
minute) for each of his products (roughly 100 products). I've never
dealt with this before, though, and neither of us are 100% sure what
his best option would be.

I'm assuming that the most logical final format for the videos will be
an MP3. I've found a lot of digital camcorders online that will create
an MPEG-4, so it seems like his best option would be to create the
video with this, then use something like this to convert it to an MP3:

And then, use something like this to chop the big MP3 into a bunch of
smaller MP3s (one for each product): /

This seems like a lot of steps, though, so I'm wanting to make sure
that I'm not overlooking a simpler option. What does everyone else do?



Re: Creating videos for site

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Hi Jason.
mp3 is an audio format.    This stuff is confusing.  

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If you want broadly compatible video, you have 2 options:
        MPEG-1 video (which by mpeg-1 standard uses mp2 format
        audio).   Windows media player and Quicktime, and lots of
        Linux video players all know what to do with MPEG-1 without
        drama generally.


        Flash shockwave movies (the youtube way).   REquires Adobe
        Flash player, which nearly everyone has since youtube has
        become so iconic.

You can get by with free open source converters for the former.  I'm
not sure you can say the same for the latter.  I'd be curious to know
more about this if anyone knows.

A popular photo sharing site that also does video (albeit poorly at
the moment) chose the former option for the time being, and here's
their help page to their customers on how to get things into mpeg-1

Todd H. /

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