cPanel vs H-Sphere control panels

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I'm shopping for a good web host where I can set up as a hosting reseller
for my web design clients. I'm NOT looking for recommendations for a
hosting company. I AM looking for feedback on the specific issue of the
control panel factor:

H-Sphere does seem to have advantages with its flexible clustering, giving
the host the ability to easily of spread sub-accounts around rather than
having all my customers on one machine. Also it's easy to adjust what
services go on which machines rather than hosting MySQL, mail etc. on the
same servers as the core web sites.

I believe this allows for the host to more easily tolerate occasionally
heavy CPU/RAM loads, therefore able to host busier web sites.

The other panel issue seems to be easy transferability, and there cpanel
seems to have become enough of a standard for that to be a big advantage.
Apparently H-Sphere imports cPanel sites (email store, MySQL databases etc.
all at once), but not the other way around. Of course it would be nice if
customers never had to think about moving from one host to another, but in
the real world. . .

Finally, the H-Sphere guys are not only a bit more expensive, but limit the
number of accounts - both due to the licensing cost of the panel software
itself I guess.

So my conclusion - use cPanel for normal reseller accounts, then if
scalability issues comes up (e.g. one particular site gets a lot of
visitors and starts hitting the limits of allowable CPU/RAM usage in a
shared environment) consider H-Sphere as an upgrade alternative, like a
stepping stone to low-end VPS.

Does this make sense? Comments welcome. . .

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