Country list with iso1366 codes and local country names

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I'm developing a web page that has a goal of providing personal
content, which means that all information should be written in their
own language.

I'm about to finish my Geo targeting system that will identify where
the users are coming from based on their IP address, and for this
project I would really like to replace the English country list with a
list of the country in the local language.  I'm been around on
Internet, but so far I have only been able to find the list in various
languages like French and Japanese, instead of every country listed in
the local name.
The list country names should also be combined with the iso1366 code.
This link give me almost what I want, but it doesn't include
international characters.  I would like to have the list in UTF-8
encoded format.

The kind of list I want is more like this:

Which contains the names the way they are written in the local country,
with all the international characters, but that list is far from

Finding this appears to be more difficult than I expected, I would be
grateful if anyone can help me.  Thanks!

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