Content-Transfer-Encoding settings being changed

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i'm sending out plain text emails that use things like chr(13) for newline
returns. these emails are being formatted fine when i pick them up, but one
of our clients is getting the emails without line returns. when i compare
email headers between the two, i notice this:

my header: content-transfer-encoding: 7bit
clients header: content-transfer-encoding

i'm using microsoft's CDOSYS for sending and set the
content-transfer-encoding explicitly. should i assume that this header is
being manipulated by their exchange server or is there something else i can


Re: Content-Transfer-Encoding settings being changed

Good evening,

Dica wrote:

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The transfer encoding is specific to a single transfer - a hop from one
server to the next. When relaying a message to another server, a mail
server is free to choose a different transfer enconding (though I'm not
sure how often this happends in reality - I least once it seems ;)

Are you just using chr(13) aka '\r' aka 'CR' as the line seperator? It
should be CRLF aka '\r\n' aka chr(13) + chr(10).


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Re: Content-Transfer-Encoding settings being changed

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exactly. i was using chr(13) which ran fine under our old server (win2000
with aspQMail), but failed under the new server (win2003 and CDOSYS). i
tried vbCrlf and this fixed it.

tks for the advice.

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