Confused with search engine rankings

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Hope this is the right newsgroup to ask this question and apologies in advance
for the length of question.

About 5 years ago I designed a website for my business. I was very naive at the
time and many pages were left as untitled or "New page 1" (yuck). I was under
the illusion that meta tag keywords/description was the all important thing. My
main page was titled "Parc systems homepage". As a result my page was poorly
ranked in all of the search engines. I have finally got around to trying to do
something about it all and recently read that meta tag keywords no longer play a
major role in search engine rankings. A good page title, meta tag description
and relevant material on the page itself are the name of the game. Yahoo have
just crawled my site for the first time since I made a few simple changes to the
page titles and meta tag descriptions and I am now ranked between 1 and 4 if you
type in relevant keywords associated with my business. However, my site uses
frames (considered not good design)and not all of the frame pages have been
updated when they crawled my site. When you click on the "more pages from this
site" link it comes up with 7 other pages related to my site (i.e. within the
sites own navigation) of which 4 have changed as a result of my slight
modifications but 3 haven't.

1st Question - Why should this be. Have they not crawled my site correctly

Also, and more importantly, I have recently designed 2 other sites for a friend.
I opted not to use frames. One is a subsite from the main site. He had 2
ventures that he wanted to explore but didn't want to pay for 2 seperate
domains. For arguments sake lets call them and

site1 is listed in all the major search engines but site2 is not. In his
infinite wisdom he decided that he wanted site2 to have a higher profile so I
created a splash page whereby you can be redirected to site1 or site2. I adopted
the same policy as with my business site whereby the title of the page the meta
tag descriptions and page content refer mainly to site2 (even though you are at (get my drift so far). The results I obtained in search engine
rankings were astoundingly different!! To get anywhere in the rankings I have to
type in nearly the whole title of the page. The site is for stop smoking with
aternative therapy and the title of the page is "Stop smoking, give up smoking
or quit smoking - easily with hypnosis". Stop smoking and quit smoking are used
extensively throughout the splash page content and yet if I key in just "Stop
smoking" as a search they are not ranked anywhere in the top 100!! If I key in
"Stop smoking, quit smoking or give up smoking" then they are ranked about 12.
In addition when you click the "More pages from this site" link under the yahoo
search there are no other pages listed even though I consider the site design to
have better navigation since I am using tables and not frames to format the

What am I doing wrong?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

TIA Dynamo

Re: Confused with search engine rankings

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the meta tag description is only used by google to show a snippet if it
can't find a better snippet on your page.

Also make sure that you don't repeat the same title again and again, or:

The ultimate Blue Widgets shop - welcome
The ultimate Blue Widgets shop - about us
The ultimate Blue Widgets shop - prices

or worse:

blue-widgets.invalid - The ultimate Blue Widgets shop - about

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Can't say: crawling sometimes goes slow. Try to get some links to your
page(s) from others. Especially ones with a nice PageRank (e.g. 6)

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use for examples.

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Probably has zero content.

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That's 3 times the same message.

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so basically no content, just keywordstuffing

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First let him pay the 8 USD for a domain. How anyone can seriously think
he/she can run a serious business from a garbage bin in the park is
beyond me.

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Re: Confused with search engine rankings


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You're trying to compete in a competitive serp and you're asking in
the wrong group. Try

        seo that watches the river flow...

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