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In a recent thread, I asked what people thought of Adobe Creative
Suite 2. People here and elsewhere thought it was a great package,
and I got a good deal on eBay, so it's on its way to me now.

The requirements for the package are more advanced than my PII Win98
computer specs, but a friend of mine has an old computer and
installed CS2 on it, so I figured I'd be OK if I just upgraded the
RAM. After I bought it, I found out that my friend's old computer is
actually PIII with Windows 2000.

So now (sigh) I need to buy a new computer to go with my software.
Actually, I knew I was going to need a new one soon anyway. 1998 was
a long time ago.

What advice can you techies give on what to get in a computer for
someone who works online? I know I need (from ):

- Pentium® III or 4 processor
- Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4, or Windows XP with
Service Pack 1 or 2
- 384MB of RAM (512MB to 1GB recommended)
- CD-ROM drive

According to some reviews I've read, Windows 2000 is considered
better than Windows XP. Any thoughts on that?

What else would you look for in a computer if you had a limited
budget? If possible, I'd like to get a computer that will keep me
going for 7 years as the current one has. I won't be getting a new
monitor because I can't afford everything right now. I go to a
computer store that builds custom computers, so I'm going to buy only
what I need and not more.


Re: Computer recommendations

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I recommend AMD

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That's odd, since XP is technically AFAIK an improvement on Windows 2000
(=NT5, XP = NT5.1 IIRC)

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Don't buy cheap garbage.

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Hence, don't buy cheap garbage :-D.

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7 yo monitor is probably EOL, especially for graphics work.

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See they have guides. e.g.

and for prices.

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Re: Computer recommendations

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512Mb minimum


Yes. XP builds on the improvements that were realised in Win2000.

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Forget it. PC's arent designed to last 7 years. Some do, but they are
obsolete after 5 years (max)...

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Might be a false economy.

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Definitely a false economy. 'Custom' = expensive. Standard, mass-produced
kit is cheaper.

You can build a new PC from scratch for a few hundred quid, and you can buy
good kit for this price also.

Some examples:

PC + monitor for <£400. Write it off over 3 years and it will cost £10 per
month. Very affordable I would say.

Just my £0.02...


Re: Computer recommendations

CJM wrote:

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First there were various NT 3.x versions (MS's first trip into 32 bit land)
(corresponding roughly to the crap 16 bit 3.x series).

Then there was NT release 4, the one everybody used to use if they were
using a real MS operating system (other than later released 9x and MS crap).

Then there was NT release 5. Commonly known as Windows 2000[1].

Then there was NT release 5.1. Commonly known as Windows XP[2].

Think carefully about this... they are the *same* operating system,  simply
version increments. The kernel and other stuff has not dramatically changed,
just the add-ons.

Oh, XP does appear to boot much faster than 2000. What this really means is
the it presents its explorer GUI interfact much earlier in the boot process.
While you can *see* your computer faster you can't actually *use* it, until
all the background drivers and services are loaded.

I wonder if the much touted next "Windows" will be 5.2 or 6.0?

[1] Very coincidental is that the very first shipped version of Windows 2000
had a build number of... 2000 :-)

[2] Start an explorer, drop down help>about. Check the version number.


Re: Computer recommendations

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As for processor - try to buy just a bit back from the bleading edge to  
get max bang per buck

William Tasso

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Re: Computer recommendations

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:46:02 -0700, Lois wrote:

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I'd go AMD. The last one I built was an AMD3200+ (socket A) but I can't
source that chip now.

An Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with an AMD Sempron PR3000+, 1GB
ram, ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card, DVD Re-Writer and XP Home is what
I'd go for. You could go AMD 64bit but you would just about double the
cost for just about the same performance.

AMD speed ratings are P4 equivalents so a 32bit 3000+ is about
equivalent to a 64bit 3000+ and will cost nearly twice as much. Windows
64 is out now I believe but the 64bit software isn't and you will
probably need to replace this one by the time it is.

Don't forget a nice big (200GB) SATA disc drive.

You can't really expect the same life in a modern system as in the
older ones if only that chip packing densities are a lot higher and the
smaller components are a lot more sensitive to charged particles.

You can get a copy of Linux and put it on the old PC to have a play
around with :-)

The jump from W98 to XP is a big one and some software simply won't
work so make sure you have everything you need moved over before
trashing the old PC.

Regards - Rodney Pont
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Re: Computer recommendations

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Now I have to use Google to
find out what you guys are talking about, but you've given me ideas
to go with.  :-)


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