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Let's face it: We love computers, we love to be creative, we love to
show off our talents to as many
people as will watch, and we love to make money doing it.

So why don't more of us excel at the money-making? I know you have
looked at the sales page of an
internet marketing site and just shaken your head and said to
yourself, "I can do better than that!"

Perhaps you've come across a couple of good ones - real cornea poppers
- that make you wonder "How'd
they DO that? Do I have the software and know-how to make stuff like
that?"  You didn't care what they
were selling; you just drooled at the creative possibilities!

So, again, why don't more of us excel at money-making? What if I could
show you a way to do what you
love doing - creating websites, writing innovative code, developing
databases, et al - and make more
money than your boss?  Maybe more than your CEO? (Microsoft employees,
ignore that last! Bill's gonna
make more than you... sorry.)

What I want to do is revolutionize your perception of a much-maligned
and hated profession - internet
marketing! It's the perfect hand-in-glove fit for us computer geeks!
We get to play with automation,
with graphics, with programming and web design... All the elements
that combine to draw us into the
computer world are integral parts of a profession that could make you
thousands and thousands of
dollars a WEEK!

The hard part is getting started. Don't be fooled into thinking that
I'm offering you a get-rich-quick
scheme. It's a profession. I'm suggesting you invest the time and
effort it WILL take to learn a new
angle on what you already know how to do. But still, I'm offering you
a program that will transform
your life - it's THE ideal way to develop and showcase your skills and

The training is live and interactive on the web. The owners and top
executives of this company are "in
the trenches" with you and are available to help you via live chat
rooms, personal phone calls (that's
right - you can call the CEO and talk to him on his personal phone!
You MS guys, can you do that?)
You'll be led by the hand step by step to a kind of financial freedom
your current J.O.B. (Just Over
Broke) will NEVER provide for you.

I want you to take a look at two sites:

As you look at these sites and watch the videos, think about the edge
you have on everyone else that's
looking into this business. You already know a lot of the principles
that make internet marketers
successful! You just need to learn how to apply them, and WE WILL SHOW
Seriously, you'll be glad you looked into this.

Best regards and I'll see you at the top!

Wayne Hamrick
800 708-0069

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