commission junction question, payment sent not received

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Suppose you are a member of commission junction, never having received a
payment, but have reached the minimum payment payout this time round,
however your advertiser then decides to end your affiliation (not commission
junction itself, just the advertiser), if your payment status says payment
sent (via direct deposit, with a cheque number e.t.c which you haven't
received after 3 weeks)  Is there any hope of receiving this payment. even
though commission junction's payment status says payment sent?

Re: commission junction question, payment sent not received

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Commission Junction only pay you once they have been paid. So, if they say
they've paid you then I would imagine that they have - or think they have.
That your main (or only?) advertiser has decided to pull the plug on you
isn't an issue here, because for CJ to say they have paid you means that
they in turn have been paid.

You said paid "via direct deposit with a cheque number", is this by direct
electronic transfer into your account or payment by cheque (which is much
slower)? I get paid electronically and funds appearing from CJ a day or two
(or three - never really paid much attention to the delay) after their
interface says they've paid. I suggest you check that your bank details are
correct and if they are (or even if they aren't) contact CJ about it. I've
never needed to contact them so I've no idea what their support is like.

I hope you get your missing money.
Brian Cryer

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