Commission Junction: anyone missing commissions?

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Hi everybody,

I'm a publisher of an educational website, and I've joined about a
dozen related advertisers at Commission Junction. Before applying to a
new one, I carefully peruse the TOS to see if commissions are denied
for personal purchases and if not, after I've joined the program I use
the link to place an order. I don't do this for the commission so much
as I do it to be sure I'm being credited properly.

Mostly the commissions have been promptly and accurately credited, but
I have had several advertisers who, in addition to not crediting the
commission, won't even respond to my enquiries with so much as an
autoresponder. It's like they don't even exist.  I have contacted CJ
support about this, and the answer is always the same: "We can't help
you with commissions, you have to contact the Advertiser directly."
(Which is a pretty annoying answer when what I'm complaining to them
about is the that the Advertiser doesn't respond after weeks of

For myself, I have dropped these advertisers so I'm not sending them
business. And I have now learned to save myself some time: as soon as I
join a program, I send a message to their rep asking if I'll receive
commissions on personal purchases. Some say yes and some say no but if
I never hear back, I drop them because I figure they're not going to
deal with me in an honest and timely manner.

But doesn't it seem that CJ ought to be taking some action regarding
these non-responders, beyond telling me to send another email into the
ether? As the middle-man, don't they bear some responsibility of

I'd be interested to know if others have had similar experiences.

Re: Commission Junction: anyone missing commissions?

Just wanted to update this message, to let you know which advertisers
have replied to my query, and which ones haven't...and in my experience
the ones who don't reply also aren't going to pay your commissions, so
you might want to avoid them:

I received quick responses from : Audible, eMusic and Adobe. All have
also paid commissions.

No responses received from: JourneyEd (owes me commission), Academic
Superstore, (owes me commission) and

I hope this helps prevent others from getting taken, especially since
Commission Junction is not going to intervene on your behalf.


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