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Re: Comments on My Website

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
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one t short of a

Re: Comments on My Website

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007 11:08:06 -0700, Red E. Kilowatt put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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In this context, it means creating something from scratch to the
client's requirements, rather than adapting an existing template or
selling an off-the-peg[1] solution.

[1] Which, like "bespoke", also has its roots in tailoring.

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Re: Comments on My Website

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Others are better qualified than me to comment about your website but if you
got 400 enquiries without a single sale then there's someting wrong with
your product offering itself.

Either the product isn't attractive or else it's overpriced.

Why don't you send a nice friendly email to those who made the enquiries
asking them why they didn't go ahead with your product - give them a simple
choice of no more than 4 or 5 possible reasons e.g. too expensive, doesn't
offer features needed, too complex, other - with an *option* to provide more
info if they want.

Such an email needs to be worded to make it clear that you are genuinely
interested in getting information from them, not an attempt to give them a
fresh sales pitch - that would rightly be classed as Spam.

Re: Comments on My Website

Martin Harran wrote:
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However genuine his interests, if they haven't opted in then it still
smells pink.

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Re: Comments on My Website

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I have a website that provides freeware, software, ect. But unlike
you, I am not going to put much effort into using the email marketing
because I didn't find it efficient for my site. I don't know whether
it is the same case of you. Sometimes we should try some other
marketing methods.

Re: Comments on My Website

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I would not hire you for work because you are in India.

I receive so many of these Outsourcing emails by companies just like
you, most of the time my spam detector gets them but seriously it
drives me crazy. Working freelance I have had to work for clients by
approaching them directly in my local area addressing people without
websites ( as not to undermine other web development companies ),
focusing on each project with great detail I have built up a good
relationship with each client and now reap the benefits of their
referrals and things are going well.

Working in New Zealand, I refuse to outsource work overseas - looking
for talented young locals that I am able to collaborate with in person
is what I look for. This has worked well, keeping the money in my home

It seems India has really boomed and offer great services in web
development at cheap prices - but you have to realise this affects the
profession in other countries.

Hope this is taken in good spirit as I am just being honest.

Kind Regards,

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