.com and .net price increase Jan 15, 2012

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I got an email from my registrar today saying that "On January 15th,
2012 the .com registry is raising the wholesale price of .com domain
names by approximately 7%."  (That's the first I had heard of this.  See

Of course they are going to pass this on.

I decided to corroborate this.  Verisign is the ".com registry," but
having dealt with them many years ago I decided to call ICANN first to
see if there was any news of this.  The person I talked to said they
knew nothing about it and suggested I call Verisign.  Guess what
Verisign said; ... call ICANN.  Verisign stonewalled me by saying they
could not discuss an across the board price, acting as though there was
no such thing.  The woman went into broken-record (skipping-DVD?) mode,
saying that if I was a registrar they would discuss *my* wholesale
price.  I went into broken record mode and repeated, "is there going to
be an across the board wholesale price increase to all registrars on
January 15, 2012?"  Same answer (and then, "call ICANN").  I finally
gave up.

Finally, ... a Google search brought me to this:
(A Verisign press release detailing the 6.9% - or 51¢ - price increase
effective July 15, 2012)

At least I got my corroboration, but the frustrating thing was the
refusal of either ICANN or Verisign to simply acknowledge it over the
phone.  I would expect as much from Verisign, but I thought ICANN was a
more forthcoming organization.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO
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Re: .com and .net price increase Jan 15, 2012

Chuck Anderson wrote:
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Typical. But the good news is that the increase is minimal, and com and
net registrations are still a bargain.


Re: .com and .net price increase Jan 15, 2012

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If I contact my customers with a 7% raise I am afraid I'll get email
back about the economic depression :-(.

John Bokma                                                               j3b

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Re: .com and .net price increase Jan 15, 2012

Funny I received the same email. Not worried about though. I have let go a
lot of domains lately.

- Heidi

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