code/library/wiki to implement table reordering/extracting

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I'd like to tap the AWW advice on what should be a simple task.  

A band has an editable song catalog, they select songs out of the
catalog (each song with title, key, and a comments field) to put on a
set list for a given show, and quickly be able to rearrange the songs
in a running order for the night.

So, on an apache-based site, I'd like to have a page that:

        o allow a finite set of users the ability to add to a 3 or 4
          column table (Something like TWiki with EditTablePlugin for
          instance, is one way to allow this, but surely not hte only

        o Be able to flag rows of that table and push a button to
          create a new table that's a subset of the big table,
          including the selected rows only.   This table could be
          created on a new wiki page, ideally.    

        o And then, on that new page/table, be able to push the rows
          around (reorder) them in that resulting table, preferably
          graphically with drag and drop, but, not absolutely

I'm not afraid to write/customize something, but surely there are
libraries out there that can make it relatively straightforward
without having to reinvent the user account handling, make an easily
editable table in html, and graphically perhaps with ajax be able to
rearrange that table aspects of the job?  

The closest things I've used like this is TWikiwiki but never
installed or configured it before.  The EditTablePlugin  doesn't seem
to support reordering of rows quickly, otherwise it'd be a good place
to start.

Perl/PHP would probably be my language of choice for the scripting
aspect if that helps narrow the field, but I'm willing to try
something else too.

TIA for any advice!

Best REgards,
Todd H. /

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