Cobalt RaQ3 Hard Drive Size Limit?

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I'm trying to upgrade a RaQ3 from a 8.4GB drive to a 120GB drive. I
performed a net boot/restore with the 120GB drive installed, which
appeared to work fine, but the drive only shows as 17.2GB in the
web-based Server Management interface. The server is running Cobalt OS
5.0. Does anyone know if this due to a hardware limitation, or can I
get this machine to use this larger disk?

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This used to be a problem with old PCs - disks over about 18gb didn't
work because of limitations of the OS and/or hardware. I remember there
was a flurry of drivers and flash-updates to allow larger disks to be
used. Maybe your machine is old enough to have similar issues?

Re: Cobalt RaQ3 Hard Drive Size Limit?

I'm considering a BIOS limitation, but weren't we well past the 18GB
limit around 2001?  I've looked over the motherboard for a BIOS chip,
but the closest thing I can find is an Intel flash IC. I wonder if this
is what could be behaving as the "BIOS" on this board? I've found this
HOWTO for upgrading the RaQ3 to a RaQ550, which involves flashing this
specific IC, and I may give it a try.

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Hi Guys,

I had the same problem installing and 80Gb drive into a RaQ 3i, the Raq
only recognized it as a 17Gb drive.

I had the 2.3.0 firmware.  I got cobalt-2.10.3-ext3-1M.rom image from:
  and flashed the Raq over a crossover cable via a telnet SU session.

Restored from the Qube 3 EOL CD from Sun's ftp site and now I've got a
cool Raq - a NAS server NAT router and with the slimserver rpm installed
it's also a streaming media server at our school.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.



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