CMS recommendations needed

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My newest client wants a family site that he and his extended family can
change the content of at will: a CMS powered site, in other words. While I
have been hand coding sites for years using CSS and an HTML preprocessor,
I have no CMS experience. So I need help selecting a CMS that will meet my
client's needs.

What I require is:
* GPL or other free-as-in-free-speech license.
* Plays nice with Apache and Linux or BSD.
* Does not require dedicated hosting. I am considering pair Networks and
Open Source Hosting.
* Easy to use interface for the end users who will be adding and editing
content (more on this below).
* Documentation, 'cause I like to RTFM, and a user community, 'cause
sometimes RTFM isn't enough.
* Article posting and editing. Other features nice but not required.
* Displays appropriately in all major browsers.
* Allows a site-within-a-site (more on this below).

In addition I would ideally prefer:
* Full featured enough that I will be able to use this CMS for other
clients in the future who might require more features than this one.
* Produces valid W3C code using tableless CSS.
* Highly modifiable graphic design with few limitations imposed by the
templating system. Having ready made templates to choose from is nice,
but ideally I would design my own using what I already know of HTML and
CSS with the freest possible hand.

The end users have limited computer skills, no CMS experience, and given
that they are are geographically disperse, the only assistance that I can
give them will be by email. Thus my requirement for something easy for the
end user.

The client actually wants two sites, one inside the other:
will be a travel site, and will be a password
protected site for family only. Apache can take care of the password
protection, but I need a CMS robust enough to allow for different graphic
designs ("templates"?) for each site, different users with different
permissions for each site, and so forth.


Warren Post
New Media Copán

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