CMS for Membership Group?

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I'm looking for a content management system for a business organization that
will allow members to sign up, log in and create individual pages about
themselves that will be visible to other members.

Ideally, the information would be structured -- a field for name, another
for address, one for a profile of their business activities, etc. The result
would be a database with a fairly standardized presentation about each

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice. ("Program it yourself,"
while valid advice, won't work, since my programming skills skid to a halt a
bit past batch files!)


Re: CMS for Membership Group?

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Try Joomla with the Community Builder add on. For an example, see


Re: CMS for Membership Group?

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JM, Thanks for the info. The site is very helpful!


Re: CMS for Membership Group?

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 04:33:04 GMT, "Alex"
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There are a number of CMS applications that do what you want, and
while they all fit your basic needs, they have differences.  

I recommend that you get a hosting company that has Fantastico. It
allows you to do no-hassle installations of many different CMSes. You
play around with them until you find which one you like most.

When I get this question from customers, I tell them to look at Drupal
unless a forum is important, and in that case, look at Mambo Open
Source. Drupal has a "lightweight" forum built in. You can plug a
heavyweight Simple Machines Forum into Mambo Open Source with
single-signin with not too much effort.

I don't mean to criticize other CMSes. They certainly have their
strengths, or else they would have evaporated for lack of supporters.
On the other hand, I found Drupal to be *much* easier to configure the
way I wanted it than the other CMSes I investigated, and the only
weakness I found was the forum didn't match all the features you might
expect to find in SMF or phpBB.

It's hard to explain what I'm talking about, so if you'd like to play
around with Fantastico for a couple of weeks, to see what I'm talking
about, I'd be happy to set you up with a demo account at, no charge, and no obligation, legal or moral, to buy


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Re: CMS for Membership Group?

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Thanks for the info and the kind offer. I have access to Fantastico, and
will check out Drupal, Mambo and its fork, Joomla.


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