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Several of my clients have told me they would like to be able to update
their own websites

Can anyone recommend any good software or scripts I can use?

I don't want to use software that's expensive or too time consuming to
install due to the number of clients that require this service

They want to be able to update from within a web browser



Re: Client update

Pete wrote:
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I created a directory above the public folder for text files.  I parse
them with php.  The first line return is an <h1>, subsequent lines that
do not begin with < are <p>.  The user uploads their modified file -
game over. has
the procedure.
TK /
Still Having a Ball

Re: Client update

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Thanks TK


Re: Client update

On Sat, 11 Jul 2009 12:22:55 +0100, Pete wrote:

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I would recommend setting them up on joomla.
it is not as overwhelming as people say.

I have set up several clients with it and they
update their own sites. It actually has made my life


I can setup a fully functional site in joomla is a few hours.
there is a open source cart called Virtuemart plus about 3000 extensions
to enhance a site

here is one I am just about finished

I am going to ad an open source gallery and some minor touch ups.

also, there are buckets full of free templates at

Re: Client update

Zoraster wrote:
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   I'm a big fan of CMS (Content Management Systems). Joomla is one of
the most popular, there are many. Probably hard to go wrong with Joomla,
whatever the OP chooses, a full fledged CMS will be liberating to
maintaining a site. Site maintenance is one of those things that becomes
increasing crucial as a site ages and needs refreshing.

   Zoraster, what is Joomla using for an html editor and can you have
multiple editable content areas on the same page? It's been a while
since I looked at it.

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   Coming along nicely...

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