Click-Tracker that Doesn't Need Links Entered in a Control Panel?

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I'd like to track what links on my site are clicked by readers. All of
the link-tracking scripts I've found so far at, etc.,
require you to enter the link you want to track in a control panel.
Because my site is a weblog, there are many new links every day, and
it's inconvenient to have to enter each new link manually in a control
panel. The easiest thing would be a click-tracker that can scan my pages
and figure out what links are on them. (There's a service that does
this, /, and they're quite good, but I'm
wondering if they might be missing some clicks.)

If there's nothing that can scan my pages and figure out the links for
itself, I might be able to modify a plug-in so that it would add some
code to each my links automatically. Would that be enough to make it
work with a click-tracker that's out there? If so, what click-trackers
would be able to work like this?

Thanks in advance to all for any info.

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