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Is anyone aware of any software for the detection of google adwords
click fraud? Free ideally.


Re: Click fraud detection

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There are a couple of scripts that track your clicks, rather than
specifically look out for click fraud, but thats not the point really.
The REAL answer is that you cant do anything to detect this, since any
script that you run which interferes or monitors the Adsense script is
ITSELF a breach of the Adsense TOS.
Kinda puts you in the position where you have no choice but to trust
Google not to shaft you, but in fairness they send me my pitiful 100
a month without trouble.

Re: Click fraud detection

Click Fraud is one of the hot topics in Web Marketing arena.  Following
is an article Click Fraud (w.r.t Google Adwords) - What to do?
[ ]
This article would give full perspective about Click Fraud, right from
the definition of click fraud and it's sources.  It also includes how
to combat click fraud, which would help many users.  It even covers
what the Search Engines as well as the Publishers got to say about
Click Fraud.

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