Churlish update.

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The client has agreed to pay fully.

But not without one minor niggle.

They've knocked off 75.00 for admininstration

Don't ask me?!?! I've agreed as the sum involved is hardly affected by
that amount.

Just sounds a bit childish to me.

The upshot is I'll have a cheque within 7 days courtesy of the CEO.

Basically I contacted him directly via his mobile. A number I got
through some helpful employee who did not wish to be named.

Re: Churlish update. cleared their throat and muttered...
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congratulations!! let us know when the cheque clears ;p

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Re: Churlish update.

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I could see a CEO pulling something like that. Gotta justify that
big salary of theirs. Now he/she can go home feeling all important
about those powerful negotiation skills of theirs. :-)

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Thats the trouble, you could talk to sub depts until your face turns blue,
no one is going to like the idea of being responsible for an action
that involves spending money.

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Thats the way to do it! (You're lucky to have gotten through, hope
you didn't tell him/her the exact employee name) I would have thought
the CEO would refer you to an alternate dept. to handle it though,
did he/she pay you directly?

Getting ahold of the CEO is usually quite difficult. (by design)

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Re: Churlish update.


That's why the contract I use include a provision for a $150 re-invoicing
fee in the event of late payment. I haven't had to enforce it, but its
presence gives me legal leverage that shmucks like this CEO will understand.
(It also includes a statement that the client acknowledges that payment is
due for services provided and expenses incurred, and is NOT contingent on
the marketplace response to the project. This blocks efforts to hold back
payment because "it isn't bringing in more customers.")


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