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I am trying to find a good web host for an ecommerce site. However, I
am having a hard time finding a host that satisfies my requirements.
The main problems I have found with web hosts are that they either

1) Perform backups less frequent than every day
2) My web site is hosted on the same server as the database and email.

Does anyone have good experience with web hosts that hosts the web
site/database/email on the same server? How about performance? Should
I stay away from a web host that keeps everything on the same server?

Can anyone recommend a good Linux/Unix web host?


Re: Chosing web host

On Sun, 10 Feb 2008 15:34:49 -0800 (PST), wrote:

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We back up our servers daily, but I'd never recommend you rely on our
backups.  You should rely only on your OWN backups.

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I don't think keeping email on the same server is a good idea.  I'd
say we're 50/50 with sites that want their db's on different servers
but frankly, since they're all Enterprise SUN servers, I don't see
performance differences either way.

It's really more of a security thing.  You keep your database separate
and behind a firewall to protect the data.
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Re: Chosing web host wrote:
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ALWAYS do your own backups.  Too many times I've seen host backups fail
- or worse yet, not be able to restore *just* your site.

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Re: Chosing web host

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Well yeah but when your paying $3 / $5 a month what do you expect!.
Regards Chad.

Re: Chosing web host wrote:

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I agree with the others. Do your OWN backup, don't rely on the host.

As for spreading the load across servers, its a matter of how much you
want to pay. The more you pay the better the performance, but unless
you are doing mega business, you may not notice the improvement.


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